The racing spirit behind our team

The Ronax company stands for full commitment to performance, the extraordinaire, for the emotion and passion of motorbike racing. The experiance of many years in active 2-stroke racing sport enables us to create a bike thats functional, without compromises and embodying pure racing passion from the very first second.

Ronax motorcycles are pure, wild and progressive. A challange for ambitious racers. Every detail, each technical tweak has its purpose. Consequent lightweight construction makes for an extremely agile ride and a pure experience. The selection of the most effective and highest quality materials are testiment to our ambition to be satisfied with nothing but the best. As close to the standards of professional racing sport as possible.

Through consequent development we pushed the boundries of our motorbike beyond the track, making sure that its full potential does not go unused. Always ready, always right at the limit.

Consistant performance and pure riding plaesure are our goals. The desire to keep on pushing the boundries and to engage in the challenge of the bike and track, time and time again is what keeps us going. This is our passion, this is our spirit of performance.